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Do you believe there is a God? or Do you believe there is no such thing? Life Style

Barbeque vs Izakaya (Japanese style bar) Life Style

子供を入園させるなら?  幼稚園VS保育園 Life Style

Which illustration do you prefer? Analog or digital Life Style

時計、どちらが好き セイコーVS G-SHOCK Life Style

The best pet Dog vs Cat Life Style

What do you do first after a long day: Bathing VS Dinner Life Style

不用品を売るなら メルカリVSセカンドストリート Life Style

世話をどちらかするなら 高齢者 VS 赤ちゃん Life Style

やるならどちら 会社員 VS 力仕事 Life Style

支払いは?  現金VSクレジットカード Life Style

長距離移動中の過ごし方  読書VS睡眠 Life Style

使うなら?  リュックサックVSハンドバック Life Style

Which is essential in the pencil case? Eraser or pencil sharpener Life Style

I have a bad backache! Which is the best in such a case? Massage or hot spring Life Style

結婚相手に求めるのは 学歴 VS 現金 Life Style

掃除機どちらが欲しい ルンバVS ダイソン Life Style

行くならどっち?  山 VS 海 Life Style

What do you personally want to limit while on a diet? Sugar or lipid Life Style

Which would you like to use in fashion? Contact or glasses Life Style

Which is better? Light car or passenger car Life Style

Which color do you like better? White or black Life Style

Best ride at Tokyo Disneyland  Big Thunder Mountain vs Splash Mountain Life Style

Crocodile vs Snake which do you wish never meet in the river Life Style

買い物するなら 業務スーパーVS成城石井 Life Style

タバコはどちらを吸う 紙たばこ VS 加熱式タバコ Life Style

寝具は ベット VS 布団 Life Style

資産形成どちらにする FX VS 株式投資 Life Style

どちらかを上げれるのなら 恋愛運 VS 金運 Life Style

男の人、プレゼントされて嬉しいのは ネクタイ VS 名刺入れ Life Style

視力補助 メガネ VS コンタクトレンズ Life Style

結婚するなら?  土木作業員VS介護職員 Life Style

より万能なのはどちら? ハサミ VS カッター Life Style

朝ごはんはパン派?ごはん派? Life Style

プレゼントするならどっち派?  事前確認 VS サプライズ Life Style

引越しするなら?  自分達 VS 引越し業者 Life Style

Which is better for classes or meetings? Online or meet in person Life Style

Which is better, standing or sitting all day? Life Style

What was your homework last boss when you were in elementary school? Math drill or kanji drill Life Style

What is essential for cooking? Onion or garlic Life Style

At night ... I tend to stay up late or sleep well Life Style

Which day do you choose when you want to eat ice cream in the heat of the heat? Pino or shaved ice Life Style

Which is better? Glasses or contact lenses Life Style

Which your like? Futon or bed Life Style

Weekends, holiday nights ...? going to bed or night owl. Life Style

Which is better? Abdominal pain or headache Life Style

Which homework was more often? Kanji homework or math homework Life Style

Which era do you want to go back to? Elementary school student or junior high school student Life Style

Which was better? Elementary school, taking out a large amount of luggage before the Golden Week holidays or junior high school, super hard club activities Life Style

Speaking of amusement parks? Haunted house or roller coaster Life Style

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Zelenskyy will be able to stop Nuclear war

Vladimir Putin will start a Nuclear war

Xi Jinping

Min Aung Hlaing (Myanmar Coup 2021)

Tsai Ing-wen

Aung San Suu Kyi (Myanmar Coup 2021)

Nocturiglow Urinal Bottle

Shohei Ohtani (Stats of 83 Team games 2021)

Johnny Depp

Amber Heard

Vladimir Putin

Adolf Hitler

United States Democratic Party


Babe Ruth (Stats of 83 Team games 1919)

United States Republican Party

There is No God

URSEC Urinal Bottle




God Exist


Stay Home


US will intervene in a Chinese invasion to Taiwan


Shohei Ohtani

Aaron Judge

旧統一教会( 世界平和統一家庭連合)を解散させるべき

Queen Elizabeth II

US will not intervene in a Chinese invasion to Taiwan


Lionel Messi




Israel Adesanya

Will Smith went too far and Should have protested differently

Will Smith was right to defend Jada Pinkett Honor

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Tokyo Olympics Failure?

Conor McGregor

Tina Turner

Beyond AI



Funny Face & Japanese Gratitude