What is Xoptio?

Xoptio as a universal Voting Platform

Xoptio is a platform created and managed by Optio Co., Ltd. where you can vote and express yourself: how you think and feel on every aspect of your life through visual images (for now). You can create your own Votes (Xoptio) and make them public or private.

You can use it in many ways, even in some we have not probably even think of yet! For starters you can vote on your favorite movie, your favorite travel destination, make a vote on virtually anything and everything you like or dislike. (We are working on very strict security protocols that will eventually allow general election of even public officials but we are not quite there yet. Please let us know if you plan to use it for matters that are highly sensitive.)

Xoptio for Business (it's Free)

We are also working on platforms for business that will allow their clients to visit their stores digitally, remotely or while on site. This is a new concept that we think will become a new experience in providing services.

- For Example Restaurants

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you will be able to create Menus through uploading photos of the dishes, and through our platform you will be able to allow your customers to look at the menu on their phones. No more printing, or at least not as much. Also, through our language features, you won’t need to struggle with foreign customers who have difficulty understanding the local language.

Mission of Optio Co.,Ltd.

Optio’s Mission is to collect data of the consciousness of the world through raw reactions towards all and every aspect of life

  • Every action by a human being is followed by a reaction, which can be passive or active.
  • Through actions taken or not taken by all the people, we aim to understand them better.
  • Most conflicts and misunderstandings originate from the lack of understanding of each other.
  • There are millennial conflicts that are far deeper than just a misunderstanding.
  • We do not believe we can solve everything, however we can try to do the best we can.
  • If successful, Xoptio Platform can become a powerful tool to do good... or evil. That's why we pledge unequivocally to fight misinformation and manipulation.
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Vision of Optio Co.,Ltd.

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Optio’s Vision is to be able to use and share the information concerning the consciousness of the world to recognize our differences and accept them, celebrate them, cherish them or at the very least tolerate them.
And, if possible, to achieve Peace.. At least for as long as we can keep it.

  • At the end of the day we aim to become a tool that the world can use to understand each other better.
  • Ignorance towards each other is the greatest threat to peace and understanding each other is the greatest tool to achieve it.
  • We are not naive, we know how difficult this task is - but that does not mean we should give up!

How Xoptio was born

The main concept of Xoptio comes from a simple question -what is the difference between Truth and Fact.

Definition of Truth: (According to the Cambridge Dictionary)
Meaning 1: the real facts about a situation, event, or person:
Meaning 2: a fact or principle that is thought to be true by most people:

Definition of Fact: (According to the Cambridge Dictionary)
something that is known to have happened or to exist, especially something for which proof exists, or about which there is information

According to these definitions, the truth is defined as premise that real facts compose the truth. So, in a sense, there should not be any discrepancies between the two. They should mean the same. However, if we apply this notion to our real, current world we find that even if some people believe that something is absolute truth, it is not consider so by others. Hence, the second meaning of truth also explains it as a “principle that is thought to be true by most people”

It is precisely from this narrow difference between what people believe to be true and what is actually a fact that, we believe, a good portion of problems and conflicts of the human condition originate.
The question is, what does “most people” mean?
Majorities can differ greatly depending on geography, age group, language, socio-economic background. That is why we came up with the Voting platform because majorities and minorities, given a specific issue, give us the insight of the human condition in each of countless mini-universes that compose our world.

Ultimately, we believe that the answer for peace is not to convert everyone into what some majorities believe is to be normal or standard truths; it is to understand the condition of different groups of people in different circumstances and with different truths.

Three Important disclaimers:
  1. It is not in any way our intent to disregard or undermine Facts. The earth is round, the speed of light is constant, 1+1=2. Our efforts lie in understanding why and how some people, for example, do not consider the Earth being round as the truth.
  2. In 2016 a company called Cambridge Analytica used the information of Facebook users to try and influence USA presidential election.


    This is an example of how data used by people with ill intent can change the world in a negative way. We want to use the information for the betterment of the world and society, so we pledge here to always act as a deterrent to people with ill intent.
  3. We are a business for profit. We have mechanisms for our users to gain profit themselves. We believe that, in order to truly give back to society, we also need to be recognized by society to be valuable. We don't want to be at the mercy of donations that would only come from developed nations and from people who have excess of inflows to donate (not that we have anything against hard working people who are doing well!). But we would like to take that bias out of the equation. The same logic applies if the users of the platform are concentrated one way or the other. We understand that and we will have controls to mitigate that but more the reason we need resources to expand.

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