Create a Optio
1.Create an Xoptio

Upload any picture or Gif in the form of an “Opt” and give it a short explanation! By running 2 opts against each other users can vote on Custom Vote choices, descriptions or questions, and their answers will be gathered and analyzed.

Advanced Users have the option to link affiliate sites while creating an Xoptio to earn extra income.

Custom Vote Choices
2. Custom Vote Choices

Author of the Xoptio can tailor make the choices on which the people looking at the Xoptio may vote on.

By creating specific choices, Xoptio authors can test user reactions on specific questions for every content. That way Xoptio authors have more precise results about user's opinions on the vote they created.

Create a Tournament
3. Create a Tournament

Creator of the Xoptio also has an alternative to select numerous Opts and run them against each other in a tournament.

That allows to have a clear picture of not what is preferred but also the hierarchy among the voteable entities. This kind of data is useful to compare strengths and weaknesses of the items to each other.

Create a Campaign
4. Create a Campaign

Creator of the Opt can stimulate the user response by providing an incentive or a gift. This allows to secure that the Xoptios or tournaments are answered in time and allow for users to test their products in the form of gifts to people who are answering the Xoptios or tournaments.

This could be especially helpful in branding new products or packages.

Manage private election
5. Manage private election

Xoptio was created to make data as transparent and available as possible. However, we also understand that there are some things that need to remain private or that do not concern the public in general.

Therefore we enabled this feature that allows for private Xoptios or tournaments to take place as needed.

Optio suggestions
6. Xoptio suggestions

Based on previous history and past votes, Xoptio platform will suggest suitable Xoptios to registered users, allowing them to look at and vote on issues and items that could interest them.

We want to keep our users engaged by giving them Opts that they care about.

Monetize your activity
7. Monetize your activity

Once a user is registered and upgraded to a standard user or above, the users may earn revenue through the content (Opts and Xoptios) they have created - the number of votes but also the traffic those votes gather.

The user can also link Xoptios related to products to their affiliate account to earn extra income.

Favorites & social media
8. Favorites & social media

The platform has social media APIs that allow seamless sharing of the created Xoptios, tournaments and campaigns.

We encourage our users to let their views and reactions on Xoptios be heard by their friends and contacts on social media! Xoptio creators also have direct benefit from this feature.

Optio for Business
9. Xoptio for Business

This feature allows businesses to create digital Menus and Catalogs by sharing the image of their products by providing a QR code.

The businesses only have to take a picture and that’s it. They will be able to share the content of their product digitally and put their logo in the opening site as well.