Data driven decision support Solution

Have you ever wondered where is the most beautiful beach on Earth? Or where is the tastiest taco place in your country? Who is considered the best musician of all times?
You might do a search on the internet and find good clues to these answers. But then again, have you ever wondered whether the definition of beautiful, tasty or best is the same as those sites you are looking at.

You might then turn to the comment section and look at what people are saying. But who are these people? Do I have anything in common with them?
One of the solutions we have come up with is to provide the average user data…
Data so that they can make decisions in their everyday life. Make informed decisions and find out what the world composed of people is all about. Internet companies and fortune 500 companies use data to take informed decisions of their market all the time. We want the average person or small business to be able to do the same through our platform where we try to filter the information in a visually understandable way for everyone to see.

Direct platform originated Solution

We want to understand the world better and the world is made of people: people who come from different backgrounds age groups, genders, regions of the world.

It is not easy to have a single unifying opinion on a specific subject or issue. In fact many may argue it is impossible.

But that is quite all right, however that does not mean we should stop trying to understand what other people think, understand and believe. At least the reason we are doing this is to precisely understand the world better.

To accomplish this, we believe we need to spread throughout the world and throughout many ideas many themes, many categories. We cannot do this alone.

We would like to ask for your help and, in doing so, we would like to compensate you for your efforts.

By creating what we call Xoptios, which are two items of any topic you could think of, and then allow the public to vote on them the user of our platform will be able to earn a fee depending on the traffic and on the number of votes that Xoptio gets.

Business Solution

We believe our platform is ideal for business as well: From a small shop to a fortune 500 enterprise. Data produced by the decisions people make around the world is essential to understand and target the market.

This has been done already throughout the decades the internet has evolved but this data has not been shared equally. We believe we might be able to democratize the data and by doing so allow everyone to have a better fighting chance for the challenges that may come.

One feature we are especially proud of is the Menu/Catalog feature that allows businesses to share the image of their products by allowing customers scan a QR code.

This way customers can look through the menu or catalog on their phones and comeback to the restaurant or shop if they do not have time at the moment or if they want to keep as a place visited