We want to understand the world better and help others use our tools to do the same

About Xoptio solutions

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Earn within the platform

By creating your own Xoptios you can earn money depending on how many views and how many votes your optios get. You can also link your affiliate revenue to your optios to earn extra income

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Market research

By creating Xoptios and custom design the answers or votes of the optios you can make comprehensible and automatic market research of any topic you want. The charts are created automatically and you can filter the statistics

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Business solutions

By creating a business within the platform you can create menus and inventories of your products and allow your customers to look at them on their phones through QR code - you just need to take a picture

What is Xoptio?

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What is Xoptio?

Xoptio is a platform where you can vote by sharing what you think and feel about every aspect of your life through visual images (for now). You can create your own Votes (Xoptio) and make them public or private.

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Mission of Optio Co.,Ltd.

Optio’s Mission is to collect data of the consciousness of the world through raw reactions towards all and every aspect of life
Through actions taken or not taken by all the people, we aim to understand them better.

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Vision of Optio Co.,Ltd.

Optio’s Vision is to be able to use and share the information concerning the consciousness of the world to recognize our differences and accept them, celebrate them, cherish them or at the very least tolerate them.

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